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PRP Therapy Is Changing the Face of Pain Management

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People who do not have a blood problem or a blood disorder know that if they cut themselves, they will bleed but the bleeding will eventually stop. The wound will begin to heal. How does that happen? The answer is the blood’s platelets. Platelets help aid healing because they contain granules and growth factors that stimulate cells in the damaged area to regenerate and repair them. This is the basis of platelet rich plasma (PRP) used in PRP therapy for pain.

At medical clinics that keep up with the most advanced pain management practices, like Pinnacle Pain Management in the Chicago area, PRP treatments are a game changer. This is the power of these naturally occurring elements. Over the last five to ten years, molecular biologists and medical researchers have been able to better understand this process, taking the natural ability of platelets and developing advanced treatments for pain management.

The question we get asked by many new patients here at Pinnacle Pain Management is, “can PRP help chronic pain?” The answer is yes, and this is achieved by taking platelets, concentrating them, and then reintroducing them into the injured or inflamed area as a PRP therapy for pain. The natural growth factors contained in the platelets and blood send chemical messages and signals to stimulate advanced tissue growth and healing. That treatment process is called platelet-rich-plasma therapy and at Pinnacle Pain Management we are applying this amazing natural healing factor for the benefit of our patients.

How PRP Therapy for Pain Works

Think about being able to use natural blood sources to speed up the healing process and reduce or, in some cases, even eliminate pain…now that is exciting news! With PRP therapy for pain, you are taking the person’s own blood and, by running it through a centrifuge, creating a super concentrated mix of platelets for re-injection into an injured area to speed healing and reduce pain.

PRP treatments are a game changer that more and more people are talking about as both established and ever-growing data and studies confirm these amazing results. PRP therapy for pain is helping reduce or eliminate pain associated with many conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, pulls and tears of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Here at Pinnacle Pain Management we help patients enjoy the benefits of PRP therapy for pain. We are proud to be at the leading edge when it comes to treating pain with PRP and other treatment options. To anyone who has ever asked the question, can PRP help chronic pain, the answer is yes! PRP treatments are a game changer that is forever changing the way the medical community looks at and treats chronic pain.

Types of Conditions Treated with PRP Therapy for Pain

Athletes of all kinds are trying PRP therapy for pain and are singing its praises: football players, track runners, wrestlers, swimmers, gymnasts, and more! It is little wonder people outside of the sports community are taking note and asking how PRP therapy might be able to help them be free of pain.

When it comes to figuring out what can and cannot be done for treatment of chronic pain, accurate diagnosis is always paramount. It is important to know what the extent of the injury is, how it occurred, how long ago it happened, what the pain level is, and how many areas are affected. If it’s tendon, ligament, muscle, or other soft tissue damage that is causing the pain then chances are PRP therapy for pain can help you achieve better healing and a reduction of pain.

If the issue is more related to cartilage or bone then initial PRP therapy for pain may be a good starting point, but additional treatments and possible surgery may be needed to achieve full healing and maximum pain reduction. Sometimes a combination of platelet right plasma and stem cell treatments yield the best result for advanced injuries or where multiple areas are affected.

According to, “People with conditions like tennis elbow or a knee ligament strain or Achilles or, you know, heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis pain, any of these kinds of smoldering, difficult to treat, recalcitrant, tendon ligament issues tend to respond very well to the super concentrated platelet injections and…certainly warrant an evaluation by someone who understands how to apply these regenerative therapies in a musculoskeletal setting.”

PRP treatments are a game changer and if you are ready to start living life free of your chronic pain, then the time is now and you need to call Pinnacle Pain Management for more information about PRP therapy for pain!

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PRP Therapy for Pain at Pinnacle Pain Management 

PRP treatments are a game changer. That much is obvious, with all of the medical studies and clinical trials that have been done. Increased healing and cellular regeneration, improved functionality post recovery, lessening of pain, and reduced chance of future injury are all results that are seen time and time again PRP therapy for pain.

Most patients who get a PRP treatment will see an obvious decrease in pain after the procedure, sometimes within in as little as 24-48 hours. Then with each passing day following the injection, the pain will continue to decrease as the cells heal and regenerate. Pain intensity becomes less and less as functional mobility, regenerated cells, and general functional ability increase.

Most of our patients treated at our center report a steady improvement in mobility and pain levels. This is seen for up to 1-2 month following their first treatment. The improved healing and the reduction of pain will last for a good while, and most of our patients enjoy less pain for months following their PRP therapy for pain. Some patients require multiple treatments before optimal healing and pain control is achieved, but many see amazing results with a single injection.

 Contacting Pinnacle Pain Management in the Chicago Area

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We often recommend maintenance treatments for those with severe or advanced injuries that cannot be fully healed or repaired without surgical intervention. Have you gotten tired of living with chronic pain? Are you ready to find a treatment that actually works for you? Have you been asking can PRP help chronic pain?

If you said yes then you need to give us a call at (630) 793-0104 to learn more about PRP therapy for pain. Time and time again here at Pinnacle Pain Management, we have seen the benefits of platelet rich plasma therapy played out in our clinic with our patients. The members of our skilled and experienced medical staff are ready to help you discover a safer and easier way to go about treating pain with PRP.

It is easy to see the truth. PRP treatments are a game changer. So stop living in pain and take back control and enjoy life again! Contact us today to schedule a consultation and to discover what our advanced platelet rich plasma therapy treatments can do for you!