Nerve Block Treatment



Nerve block treatment can be a highly effective way to offer temporary relief for a variety of pain conditions. Treatments range from lumbar treatments to nerve block for migraines. The goal is the reduction of the inflammation causing the pain. The relief can last for as long as two weeks, though some patients experience longer term relief after a series of nerve block treatment.


Nerve block treatment is an injection or a series of injections of an inflammation reducer designed to block pain signals resulting from an injury to a particular area of the body. A nerve block injection can treat a variety of areas.

It’s a straightforward outpatient method that is completed within in a matter of a few minutes. Nerve block treatment doesn’t involve sedation, only requiring local anesthesia to ease any discomfort during the procedure. Dr Neeraj Jain, M.D., might employ the use of a fluoroscope for better needle guidance as necessary, depending on the area needing treatment.

Once done, you shouldn’t have any trouble walking around as usual. However, Dr. Jain highly recommends bringing a friend or relative to the office in order to act as your driver after the procedure. If you experience some soreness in the area of injection, an over-the-counter pain reliever or an ice pack should take care of it.

The following are frequently used nerve block treatments injections:

  • Nerve block for migraines
  • Lumbar epidural nerve block injection
  • Celiac plexus treatment and Subarachnoid treatment
  • Stellate ganglion nerve block treatment
  • Facet joint treatment
  • Cervical paravertebral and Cervical plexus nerve block treatment
  • Sympathetic nerve block treatment



The pain relief is generally in effect nearly immediately following the nerve block treatment procedure and should continue for as much as two weeks. However, it’s important that you keep in mind that this treatment is not a permanent remedy. Once the medicine is fully absorbed into the treated region, pain is liable to return. Even so, there are patients who report long term relief from several nerve block treatment sessions.


An array of therapeutic methods is all part of our multi-disciplinary approach in pain management. The fields of psychology, physical therapy and chiropractics are all at our disposal in developing the very best management program for your pain. Peace of mind, encouragement and hope are all critical in pain management. And that’s why, in addition to the best medical and therapeutic techniques at our disposal, we tailor a pain management plan to your unique situation.

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